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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2013 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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have to be worried about being taster when they're out walking their dog. i again will agree with everything everyone said. it's quite important and is directly attached the value of our homes in the sunset, our use of the area. so, i just want to bring those things up and thank you so much supervisors >> thank you very much. next speaker >> my name is samir goetsch, dog parents and resident of knowing god. thank you very much supervisors. i also run a [inaudible] off leash dog am i jewish of the gg and ra hold them accountable for creating aware this for dog owners. i think a lot of people don't know what's going on. the 2 main points i would like to get across, one is i think dogs are support to their owners as children are to their parents. until this is understood and accepted without disdain to be continued conflict. this issue is not just about dogs rights. it should not be dismissed. it's about dog owners. people
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people's rights. number 2, nps will not support recreation period. this is clear. gg nra is an urban recreational area and nps is tried removing recreation from the name as we have in the past. and they publicly stated in writing they do not treat gg nra differently than national parks. for example, in the recent faq dated september 6 question number 21, i quote "do national recreation areas have different management policies the national parks." their answer is no berries. all units of the national park system have got it are guided by the same nps national park policies [inaudible] national historic site, at such a good [inaudible] amended 1970 best we must remove nps from managing the gg nra. either revert back to the city or [inaudible] federal agency that can manage the national recreation area. thank
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you. >> thank you. next he can >> speaker >> my name is [inaudible] on the publisher they will the greater separate cisco area monthly dog lovers newspaper. i want to thank the supervisors for hearing this issue and to scout winner for bringing it up. we really appreciate your support. i know it's extremely frustrating for the gg nra to have introduced their 2nd round of this opposed restriction without having acknowledged any of the comments that many people made huge efforts to get to them. their new proposal, 2700 pages long is pretty daunting. it's really great that you brought it up. i think that the fact that the city and the state owns most of these properties and have wasted or granted the national park
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service the ability to monitor them and to maintain them, that seems to be the critical issue. is there way for us to take this land back? because i don't think, obviously the federal government is having financial challenges and they are unable to maintain them anyway. i would like to see our town take it back. the property that is on our own backyard that we use and monitor and maintain should be shared for all residents. i don't believe the dog guardians are advocating exclusive use. they want to just maintain the shared use that we've had over the years. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker >> supervisors, julie christiansen. thank you for taking on yet another intractable issue. thank you
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for letting the weight of your offices to this question which i hope will become a more serious and less frivolous one. so many erudite speakers. the only thing i can add, player and i think is somewhat a policy planning issue. the idea of living in the city and being healthy by exercising in that city is really a concept that's only about 100 years old. the idea of using of owning a dog and having a dog be part of the recreation is really only about the generation or 2 old. i don't think our policies have kept up with it. there are federal guidelines for how many soccer fields and how many basketball fields and how many tennis courts per capita a city should have. there are no guidelines for how much space we should have for exercising our dog. looking around this room i don't think a lot of soccer players or basque ballplayers in your. our dogs are important to our health and our well-being. as a part designer and advocate one of our mantras is layering. in a city of confined as san francisco were always looking
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for ways to have alternate alternating uses or later uses. it well behaved dog under its owners command is one of the most compatible uses imaginable. my anecdote is being at crissy field with a little four-year old girl who drove up and asked to ball and drove all she got ball for 20 min. while i waited for my friends. as she left to go her grandmother whispered to her father was absent and her mother was dying and that's the happiest she's in that little girl in a month. that would not have happened if the kind of segregation that were talking about. in san francisco we know the economic groups. we mailed ethnic groups. we mailed age groups. but the segregation of dollars like more pernicious forms of segregation rules out that kind of interaction and i think that's a kind of mistake for always. now that's in frisco has led the way with gay marriage, perhaps we can take on dog. thank you. >> thank you. next he could
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>> my name is [inaudible] the president of one carat dog group. in case you have not heard of montera, if you're driving south on highway 1, go through a tunnel the 1st little community that you encounter is montera. we also made international news last year when one of our dog walkers was taste by national park service [inaudible]. [inaudible] adjacent to montera other small cities [inaudible] is running all of us is 4000 acres which was acquired by the national park service a couple years ago and now that is where we walk our dogs both on and off leash for decades. with this dog management plan is passed, as it is, my dog walking will be restricted to unleash only on
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very few trails. there are no off leash areas in san mateo county within gg nra. a lot of us on the [inaudible] side and crissy fields walking our dogs and i see a lot of people from san francisco down there to enjoy the open space. so it is interrelated. i urge you to approve this resolution. requiring the park service to come up with a viable, fair, dog management plan. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is patricia
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lacava. i'd like to thank you for this resolution. it's very important to me. i raised a son on my own in the city and i know other people i've spoken about taking their children and their dogs out together and that was very important to me. probably one of the worst places you could take a 4-year-old would be a [inaudible] with 100 dogs in it but you can take them to crissy field and put [inaudible] and everyone has a good time. it is important to me as a recreational activity. i am a member of the bay area siberian husky club in the san francisco dog owners group. i've been involved in speaking out about the gg nra for years now, it seems. one of the things that no one else has pointed out that i would like to point out is that restricting the dogs
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walking does set a dangerous precedent for the people of san francisco. if the gg nra can take away dog walking they can also take away everything else in the congressional papers such as hang gliding, just walking on the beach, building fires, which i believe they already are actively trying to take away, or have already,. so, one of the things that i think is most important is, if they can take defeat.walking they can defeat everything else. we need to fight it. other people such as bicyclists need to be here fighting it also because they like to ride their bikes. back to be taken away also. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi. thank you. my name is steve welker. i own a dog walking service called hookers held since 2009. before that i
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raise my family working here in 76 to go to school originally. so much has been said that i wanted to say that i'm going to let her rip and see what comes out. we all live in stockton. i don't need to tell you but i have. this is a coastal city. when i came here in 1976, letting go to the gg nra and went to the beach. it was already established but i didn't know it. we went to the beach because we lived at the coast. this is what we do. we gave it all to gg nra and they were better protected from development and preserve it for our use. now we're finding we can't use it. this is wrong. this is so wrong. not only are we going to lose a stake in our
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parks, not only are we going to lose people's jobs and businesses, we are lose the ability to be a coastal city. they're going to lock us out. it's got to be different than that. it just has to be. if we can take it back, if that's what it takes, taking it back we should take it back. i don't know if there's the will to do it but they do not deserve our land. they really don't. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi. i'm michael cronbach. i'll present the opposite point of view since i guess all the organized people for that did not show up. i live in san francisco on elizabeth street and i lived in a city for over 40 years. during that time i didn't consider the [inaudible] city state or federal
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government to provide exercise area for dog if i chose to [inaudible]. in fact, for about 7 years my family and i did have a dog along with cats. in the last 20 years it seems like the sense of entitlement has become evident. dog owners now feel the city is supposed to provide areas for their dogs. to run around. i don't think it's their responsibility of the gg nra to provide this outlook. i've read some portions of the issues raised by the san francisco dog [inaudible]. i think they exaggerate that the gg nra draft management plan will force those people out of the gg nra so that a lucky few can have a backcountry visitor experience. i've seen the result of the national park service were up to date in the general area between fort [inaudible] and marina green i guess would talk to crissy field
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and now waterfront. i've been very pleased. i hope they keep up the good work. i'll be more than happy to see the off leash areas diminished or eliminated. i've [inaudible] in carlsbad in [inaudible] and the dogs are prohibited on the beach itself for many they managed to keep their dogs off the beach and on the sidewalk and on leash and i hope something similar can be implemented at ocean beach and it crissy field. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is carla eagleton. thank you for bringing this resolution did i just want to say here i moved here from san diego. when i was 19 years old i [inaudible] because they make all the blake lack people disappear and they don't allow off leash dog walking. they're very anti-gay and really difficult. san francisco is like heaven. i'm going to try and go fast. at least under 2
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min. we should be fighting the gg nra with every single thing we have. we should not even have 2 years of these people. this the 1st time i've been to the meetings because i always am working today i'm supposed to be working but i can't believe this is still on the books, on the table. it just seems like big government is doing now with all of our rights and all the things we care about most they just ignore, like they're not even here. totally disrespectful totally unprofessional. there are hundreds of thousands of dog owners and people i don't have a family here. i don't have children. i had never been to crissy field until i got my dog. i still not been to fort [inaudible] but crissy field is one of the most beautiful places on earth and without r i would never have gone down there. as i said, i've been here almost 30 years and i go to parks all time where people have children and i'm not
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allowed in its like they have all the signs do you like sand, do you like volleyball? word all-inclusive part. but they don't include me. i'm not welcome. i get, you know, scattered away all the time and it's like, and r is also good protection for me. anyway, i think we should fight these guys . they're not listening and their disrespectful of our community. it's a giant community. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is jill [inaudible] and supervisor winner, i thank you for proposing the resolution. i believe i filled my card out in front. i'm in full and other support of it. with all of the condo building in the city right now and i think each
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condo well allow at least 2 paths. you really need all of the rooms you can get because they're enticing people to come in and i'll be one of the reasons they would be coming. i am, again, in total agreement and hope and ask that the proposal be implemented. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm linda belden. i came here today to in support of your resolution supervisor winner. i took the afternoon off of work to be here. my dog is at fort kohn sent right now herself playing with her group. i had read that 40% of san francisco households have dogs in them. which leads me to believe that 40% of the population loves their dogs and needs places to exercise them. i have been walking my dog for that crissy field for over 25 years. it's one of the great neighborly things we have 2 do here in our city. i am appalled
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at the gg nra is now towing san francisco's that we can't use our waterfront as we have for decades, as you so well pointed out. there are some great things that have already been said. just the other thing was, obviously, i'm particularly interested in fort [inaudible] is really just a huge dog park and i think it's so important that we keep it a place for dogs to run off leash and enjoy being a dog. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker >> thank you supervisors for having this name. my name is shelby watkins. i came here in 1954. having grown up in the richmond district and the sunset district i have fond memories of playing [inaudible] ocean beaches whilst fort [inaudible] especial on the sand dunes. i inherited my mother's dog in 1973.
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superintendent [inaudible] promise that it's going to preserve the general character of the present usage was not important to me at the time because it's a favorite place for people to go. since that time, of course, there's been a continual antagonism that i can only address as being may be punitive particularly to dog walkers. i can't believe myself that still continuing at this time. i believe it's a promise. when they made that promise they were assuming i think that we would forget. you are the board or have the power to rescind that agreements. because they fail to keep up the park we used a concrete paved roads and pathways along the edge of the bluffs as well as any at your. wheelchair access were very easily obtained. now, they put orange
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cones of their. the roads you wrote. you'll see many will just because they don't have access there. you can forget that this is along the bluffs because that's covered over by sand. so unfortunately they failed in their promise to maintain as well as to preserve. i urge you to rescind that agreement if they do not do so. thank you very much >> thank you very much. next speaker >> i am lisa [inaudible], native san franciscan and a public school teacher and i so happy i took the day off because this is actually my 1st supervisor meeting where you get it. i've had dogs for the last several years. crissy field, [inaudible] beach all those places we went to crissy field 2 days ago. i'm really surprised actually that all the dog restrictions. we were not sure where to walk. we definitely do not take our dogs off leash. i hate to see happen at fort kohn sent. yesterday my boys and i were there with our
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dog and we were on the bluffs and we saw a part of [inaudible]. every special moment. my boys are 14. we don't have that many special moments together because they are rough. but you know if this resolution were to go through we would not be allowed there. we pay our taxes. we join the national parks and state parks. there are so many places we can't go with our dog. i like to see us keep our places that we could go. >> thank you very much. next speaker >>
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>> when you least impact study concludes that there will be no impact. yet the gg nra provided no evidence or data to support that conclusion. they conducted a survey of a database that they maintained a people who approach them on the issue. but i ought not fail to see how that could be conclusive or even working information for a [inaudible] site that 2nd most is the property among all national parks. it's just not reflective of the visitor use. dog walkers and even non-dog walkers in the gg eric. it
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seems to me they made gone through the motions. they may have checked a box but i'm just not sure if they were ever sincere or even intended to carry through with [inaudible] analysis on. if not it's not unreasonable for the city to ask the gg nra on the issue to work collaboratively and with each other. we worked together at the current public work. a joint operating agreement for the right highway. our animal control and care department is the 1st responder in the gg nra for animal issues. our fire and medical are the 1st responder in most gg and array lands for any medical issue. i hope that you will keep [inaudible] >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is david male. i'm a dog owner. i'm also the owner of the soon-to-be open a bulldog [inaudible]. by speaking out in support of dog owners and dog usage. i think
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the whole issue is about inclusion and i was reminded of this when i came today to city hall which so often happens. i saw a couple getting married. i couldn't get married for so long and whenever i saw a couple getting married just made me sad. when i finally was able to get married the my husband had to get married in washington dc. i'm so happy now that in san francisco we are now included in the marriage process and i think that's what this is about. we were in, a park in the east bay and we were walking with different kinds of people. they had children. there were people on bicycles. we all got along. we all respected each other. dog
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owners respected the bicycle riders. the bicycle riders respected the people with children and it's the same thing. it's about inclusion. i think i'll just need to get along and let everybody use the parks. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker >> my name is michael lesser. i live on potrero hill where i lived for 40 years. with dog. at all-time. when i got my 1st dog he felt plain and broke a leg and the veterinarian said get this dog active. don't just walk them around the block because you're afraid you'll will hurt him. get him running get them playing as much as possible. in order to avoid arthritis in his later years. i've had 5 dogs since then and each of them have been fitted, as i have benefited, from walking at fort carson and crissy field and stern grove. i want to mention the stern grove because during the federal
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shutdown i normally walk my dog every morning for an hour and a half or 2 hours on a 3 mile trail at fort carson. during the shutdown i took him to stern grove in the mornings. at the same time i would normally be at fort constant and stern grove was incredibly crowded at all times. i was really happy that the shutdown ended because it allowed me to get back to the place that i normally walk the dogs and i would hope that the gg nra could be kept from instituting what they now call access. when
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they 1st proposed it it was dog management plan. when i saw dog management plan, i knew exactly what they meant. that was [inaudible] on the property. >> thank you very much. before the next billy mcauliffe you mornings. andrea buffa, nancy stafford, gregory leadbetter, kathy reichert, demott and demetrius, mitch deletion, carol munsch, lidia did negri, tony bowls, susan over iasi, sase ballasts [inaudible] laurie adamson, mort ginsberg, and john keating. go ahead. thank you >> my ipad notes just ran out
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so i'm going to have to do this straight from the heart. my name is linda alanis and i live in know we valley. i have to tell you that to me there is no more beautiful sight in the whole world than healthy happy dogs playing. especially playing in a beautiful place. i would think that for my last site on earth i would like to hear healthy happy dogs playing with in the background with opera playing in the background. i don't know when you were last at fort constant but my for 13-year-old very sick dog and i were there yesterday. i want to, she's probably there right now with her dog walker. i want to point out that nature is doing what nature does what always does. that is, take back the part. with her had been roads there is now san. so something is
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happening. nature is telling us that this is not a place of roads. this is a place for everyone to enjoy. if all the people in the world in the world were as friendly and open and nice as the people i meet at fort constant, what a better place this would be. so there are very few strangers i can walk up to and just say, hello, are you interested in that or where did you get your [inaudible] but i can go to somebody and say what a beautiful dog. would you get him? people are friendly. people are open. people are communicative. there's a sense of community. our dogs needed. they love it. we need it and by the way, the dogs don't bother the birds. those damn ravens, harass the dogs. they sure do. i have one more suggestion. put somebody would somebody please get frank dean a dog.
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>> thank you. next speaker >> i just had a baby. he's 2 months old. we have a dog who is 11 years old. my wife's parents are in their 70s and a live without. my parents are in their 70s.. they visit almost every weekend. we go frequently to the beaches. it's really the only place we can all go as a family and everybody does their thing. were all busy. we don't have time to do all the different activities for all the different people every week. it's a blessing. we've got for many years and we appreciate it even more now. i'm talking out crissy beach, ocean beach, fort constant, karin [inaudible] all of them. it's every week kind of thing. it's critically important for us, for our health, for our baby. it's just not about dogs it's about families. since
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frank dean is not here, i'm really speaking to the choir here. what i want to do is talk to everyone here and everyone behind me, i think we should be pushing to take our park back. some imagine that earlier. they are our parts did we pay tax. we live here. we are citizens. what know what more do we need? federal government is not listening. they gone through this process several times and they just don't get it. so challenge our supervisors within very awful and supportive and everyone behind me as many of us are protesters and volunteers that it's time to take back our parts and take it to the next level. thank you. >> thank you. next he could >> next speaker >> hello my number name is russell [inaudible] the san francisco resident and owner of a dog care business called small [inaudible] animal also a dog owner. most of all, i would like to thank the board of supervisors for bringing this hearing in this issue. i


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